Dennis earned his Eagle in 1983 while in the Land O’ Lakes Council (Jackson, Michigan).

He married his high school sweetheart on September 5, 1987.

Graduated from Ferris State University with a Masters degree in Accounting in 1989.

Employed with the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense from November 1989 until December 2008.  In December 2008 he received a promotion and started working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Director of Management Operations in the Office of Audits and Evaluations.

Dennis and Lisa have three children, Jennifer, Kaylee, and Michael.

The whole family is involved in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Interesting fact, 4/5th of us are registered Boy Scouts and 4/5th of us are also registered Girl Scouts.  Right now Kaylee isn’t a Boy Scout, and Michael has a number of years until he can be a Girl Scout, until now he is just on honorary member of Girl Scout Troop 32.

Jennifer is in Venture Crew 3200 and attended Sea Base in 2011.  This year she will be attending Philmont.

Michael is attending Webelos Summer Camp at Goshen Scout Reservation, Camp PMI.

Kaylee will be completing her Silver Award.


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