Scoutmaster Day 4 update

Saturday was a very busy day.  We got a fast breakfast so we could get out of camp as fast as possible.  As I have told the scouts, their parents didn’t pay for them to sit in camp during the day.

A lot of the scouts used their tokens to either ride down the almost mile long  BIG ZIP, or to do the Canopy tour, which is about 12 smaller zip lines through the trees.

Other scouts worked on merit badges.

I myself walked around and did some patch trading.  Then I visited the Natinal Eagle Scout Association booth and then visited the Duty to God tent and specifically visited the United Methodist Scouters booth.

We all had to be back in our site by 4:30 for dinner as we had our opening show.

Two scouts didn’t  make it to the show (they are both fine), they just hadn’t drank enough during the day and had pushed themselves just a little to hard.

The opening show had a great talk by Izzy Johnson.  Then some band played.

Other items that went on was the big schedule change for Monday.  If you haven’t heard President Trump will be visiting the Jamboree.  He will be only the 9 of the last 12 sitting presidents to visit the jamboree.  (In 1981 the president didn’t visit, I was disappointed).

Monday was also our scheduled day of service, so, we we not sure if that was going to be canceled or if we would end up missing the president.  We just found out on Sunday that our day of service is now on Tuesday so all scouts can see the president.  Some pics from the day.


What you do after a hard day while waiting for the show to start.

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