What goes around comes around

Interesting how history repeats itself. Even with the little things. Like my own family. Growing up I remember going on our family vacations. The “big” trip ever summer was all of us going to New York to visit the grandparents. My mom’s parents. It was a grant time. Helping grandpa empty trash at the church. Determining that I did like tomatoes after having a cherry tomato. Going to the family property that was on the lake. Seeing all the historical sites. I remember those family trips. And then I remember when they ended. It would have been the summer of 1981. That was the summer of the National Scout Jamboree. It was sealed the following year when I started working at Camp Tee-Ton-Kaha, Boy Scout summer camp and attended the Maine National High Adventure base. My dad attending the high adventure bad with me. Aa great experience. We stopped in Stamford, New York at my Aunt and Uncles house where my Grandfather was living, on our way home. My mom met us there with my brother and sister. That would have been the last time of any type of summer family trip.

Fast forward to 2011. My oldest, Jennifer and I attend the Boy Scout High Adventure Base, Sea Base in the Florida Keys. We had a great time. After that trip we still had a family vacation to the beach as we have been doing for the last 10 years. This year, 2012, Jennifer went to Philmont. The Mecca high adventure base in New Mexico. The challenge was, see was at Philmont when our family trip was scheduled. So, this year, we did not have Jennifer with us at the beach. The family is growing. Jennifer is getting older. Before we know it she will be on her own. We have plans to go to the beach again for 2013. We hope she will be able to attend. But, thee is that slight chance she might not be able to. The reason is, she may have to work. This is her senior year of high school, and, she will need to start preparing for college. That also means finding a part time job to help pay for those cost.

History repeating itself. When I was Jennifer’s age I started working and attending scout camp and high adventure activities. Jennifer is now doing the same thing. Well, maybe not all the same things, but she is working on completing the Triple Crown Award, and that means attending high adventure bases when she can, which means she is and might in the future miss out on the family summer vacation activities.

The family is growing up. History is repeating itself. I am proud of my family. I am especially proud of Jennifer. I can’t wait to see her in a couple of hours to hear all about her Philmont experience.

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