Genealogy – Private Conrad Becker – 7th Greatgrandfather of Jennifer Wokeck

Found information on our relative that was involved with the Revolutionary War.  This is how he is related to Jennifer

Private Conrad Becker (Baecker) served in 1776 as a private in Captain Yost Herbach’s Company of York County Militia.  His name appears on an undated payroll of a party of York County Militia who apprehended British deserters and prisoners and brought them to the stockade Fort.

Conrad Becker was born in 1729 in Germany and died in 1795.  He married Catren Lambert in 1754.  She died in 1804.

Their son, John (Becker) Baker was born December 17, 1785 in Lancaster PA and died March 21, 1840.  He married Magdalena Rummell in 1806.  She was born on December 4, 1789 and died in 1878.

Their son, Jacob Baker was born April 27, 1807 and died December 13, 1875.  He married Mary Magdalena Foust, September 10, 1837.  She was born March 17, 1818 and died July 1, 1883.

They had a daughter, Mary Magdalena Baker, born March 22, 1843 and died May 8, 1891. She had a son, Edward M. Clement.

Edward M. Clement married Mary Blanchard Clark.

They had a son, George E. Clement who married Mary Baller.  Mary ws born September 7, 1888.

George and Mary had 3 son’s and 2 daughters.  One of their daughters was Ione Verna Clement.  She was born on October 9, 1919 in Chalkbuts, Montana.  She married Kenneth Arthur Wokeck in September 1941.  Kenneth was born on February 27, 1921 in Chicago, Illinois.  He died on June 19, 1994.  Ione died January 25, 2001.

They had one son, Roland Kenneth Wokeck, and three daughters, Janice, Judy Lynn and Lauren Kay Wokeck.

Roland was born September 1, 1942.  He married Norma Jean Hunt in April 1965.  She was born on December 15, 1944 in Binghamton, NY.  They have 2 sons and one daughter.

I am the oldest son – Dennis.  I married my high school sweatheart, Lisa Marie West on September 5, 1987.  We have two daughters, Jennifer Marie  and Kaylee Jean and one son, Michael Dennis.

Jennifer is the oldest.  She is the 7th Great-grand daughter of Conrad Becker.

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